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Dear Parents and Guardians, 


We are pleased to continue to recognize all students for their achievement and contributions to our school. Towne Avenue is one of 94 elementary schools in LDS, Local District South administered by Superintendent Christopher Downing. 


Towne Avenue continues to be #1 in attendance in LDS for the Months of October, November and December, 2017. The trophies the students earned are displayed in the cafeteria where students see the trophies they helped our school to earn and are reminded that “Attendance…is everyone’s responsibility.” And, “That when you come to school every day…good things happen.”


Congratulations and appreciation is also extended to our Parents and Guardians who motivate and inspire children to develop good habits of attendance. When good habits of attendance are instilled in children, they maintain that trait for success in secondary school, college and in their careers. 


Thank you, Parents and Guardians, for attending Parent/Teacher Conferences in January. Teachers are proud to share your child’s academic progress and share how students can be supported at home. When adults come to conferences, school activities and school programs, it sends a message to children that school is important because the adults in their home are here for them. 


Occasionally, students need assistance in other areas besides learning and grades. Students may come to school with other concerns that block or impede their concentration to learn. Our school has Resource Personnel to work with students in such areas as attendance, socialization, separation anxiety, death in the family, family issues, stress, depression, impulsive behavior, health, hygiene and immigration concerns. 


Please inquire in the school office for these services if you feel that something emotionally may be hampering your child’s ability to benefit from their education.


Please allow me to recognize and applaud our fantastic group of Parent Volunteers. Mrs. Goez serves as our school’s Community Representative and welcomes all parents to our Parent Center. Mrs. Goez listens to parents and shares concerns or suggestions with the principal. She may suggest that you submit a school Incident Form which goes directly to the principal who guarantees to contact parents with an explanation or resolution of the concern/problem. We of course encourage parents to address, as appropriate, areas of concern first with their child’s teacher. 


I cannot truly explain the pride that I have of Towne’s culture of student, staff and parent support and cooperation. All schools are good- Thank you for making this school GREAT!

Posted by: Maricel Esperanza
Published: 3/5/18